This is not your basic/simple ordinary (boring) "piano" lesson.
It's way beyond and way more fun!

Free Informational 1/2 Hour lunchtime SEMINARS
One Hour Interactive WEBINARS

Keyboards (Piano/Organ/Synth), Song Writing, Singing & Music Video Production
1/2 Hour, 1 Hour & 2 Hour
1/2 to an Hour expected practice time at least 5 times a week after the lesson

Drums, Bass, Keys, Guitars plus one or all sing
Music Appreciation, Song Writing, Singing and Music Video Production
2-Hour twice weekly Workshops
for a month
1 to 2 Hours expected creation time at least 5 times a week after the lesson

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So... how does this work? It's fun and easy!
We meet twice a week for 2 hours at a time for one month, with all 4 students on the screen with the teacher, who has multiple cameras in use so it is almost like bering there in person! The student needs to be in a relatively QUIET living room so a parent can enjoy the session, but the student "VIRTUAL BANDMATES" do the talking to each other. Since we will share the Music Session in a "cloud account" the Virtual Bandmates will try to collaborate together after the class and "jam"! The parenst will need to share to the group the emial address they use for thei "iCloud" account. (Not The Password). then all 4 teens iPads and the teachers are connected to the music song session. Parents, you will be saying "MY TEEN's ADDICTED TO MAKING MUSIC! Sorry :-)
Your teen learns the basic about singing, songwriting, and the basic styles of music, plus they get a unique introduction to the technology that is already in their hands (iPhones, iPads, etc). We form a "VIRTUAL BAND" Online, and the teens share a Music Session "in-the-cloud", and then make a music video with their smartphone camera and iMovie in a fun way! Prof. Musial has received a multitude of positive comments about his teaching style, but the most unique is his ability to exercise extreme PATIENCE. Let’s face it, the more brilliant a young mind is, the more it needs to be occupied. Music & Video can help channel these energies and David has developed a very powerful method, to help the teen direct this energy in creative arts. Look at the videos on the sites! See the "outcomes".

The "VIRTUAL BAND" acts like a real 4-piece "group" with at least one singer, maybe more? (We all sing a little!) The APPS have great "loops" of pre-recorded real instruments, AND we can play in sounds as well. So each "BAND" will obviously be different, but in general, we will assign an instrument category for the song between the 4 members in our OnLine Course. One teen will be the "Drummer" one the "Bassist" one "Keyboardist" and another the "Guitarist".

We then discuss things we all have in common to help us write song lyrics. He also teaches about the differences between the basic music classifications like Pop, Jazz, Rock, Country, Urban (the differences between Rap, RnB & HipHop), Dance/EDM, Ethnic, Classical, etc. We provide a "reference" page where the kid can quickly check out samples on Spotify which helps to understand the discussions. We learn about the basics of room acoustics and how to make a "vocal" or "isolation" booth in your home with blankets, pillows, or even a clothing closet! Once the instrumental "track" or "beat" is made, we do some vocal scales & warm-ups and learn how to easily record thew vocal in segments. He teaches us to do a "mix" (he will do the final "mastering"), and then we start the music video. We create a concept, use props in our home, film in our back yards or on the public sidewalk in front of your home, and then we learn how to edit to the beat, and "presto" a Music Video is made and we premier it on the NextGen Stars® YouTube Channel! Prof. Musial's been doing this for over 25 years, long before "Idol" was born! LOL

Oh, this is not your “ordinary” kids group music lesson!

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