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This is not your basic/simple ordinary (boring) "piano" lesson.
It's way beyond and way more fun!

Music is the Universal Language and there is Psychological Power in Music!
"Slap your thighs twice and clap once.. what song is that?" we question... 
"We Will Rock You!"... is the usual answer.
" Did I sing anything? Did I play any notes? "
The Power Of Music...


We ae an Alternative Solution to the common statement "MY CHILD IS ADDICTED TO GAMING!"

Do you know that saying "think-out-of-the-box"? Well, that has been our founder's life. Our focus is to teach your teen to play keyboards (and soon other instruments), and how to craft song lyrics and melodies which we then may evolve into a music video through a very unique-award winning custom approach. They learn about "boring" music theory without realizing it's a good thing! Your teen is obviously surrounded by technology, and why not utilize the tools you already own to encourage fun, creative, and productive "practice" schedules? Some of our students are already playing keyboards and singing in churches and performing on public stages at the age of only 7! Some of our teens have full albums of music published already!Your teen is introduced to music more through "video games" since they were toddlers then you were by listening to the radio growing up. Hmm? You may often say in utter frustration " MY TEEN IS ADDICTED TO GAMING!" Well, using the same devices (smartphones & tablets) which helped to cause this problem, we use to give a successful ENTICING MORE PRODUCTIVE ALTERNATIVE!

As a natural extension to MusicTech Kids®, we incorporate these elements and teach your teen how to write simple song lyrics about the games they play or things they like or are concerned about. Then we explore how to apply note values & melodies (scales/arpeggios) to these. Suddenly "voilà", they are making songs while not realizing that those "boring" scales and "rhythm" drills have turned into valuable tools that they will use in their musical life forever. Where this program differs, since Professor Musial has designed and won awards for a multitue of college courses and attened the finest institutes in the world, he has desigend thought provoking and inspiring courses for teens which are like "advanced palcement" courses in high school. Prof. Musial has met and was friedns with some of the most legendary Music Technologists in history like "Bob Moog", "Les Paul", "Wendy Carlos", "Suzanne Cianni" and "Frank Serafine". (See him with them in thesde montages.) Musial also has had conversaitions with many others like "Max Mathews", "Dave Smith", "Roger Linn", "Keith Emerson" "Eric Persing", "Ikutaro Kakehashi" "Rupert Neve" and many more. Your teen will learn a little about Music Tech history as well!

We understand that some students are aspiring performers who wish to incorporate technology, and others use these skills to help improve their mind's ability to better excel in other subjects, after all: MUSIC IS MATH and there are "rules of thirds", contrast "ratios" & "rhythms" in video editing! Soon we will be teaching all kinds of apps, (see below) and other alternative controller instruments like "MIDI" (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) Guitar, Drum Pads, Violin & Cello, Electronic Wind Instruments (EWIs), Malletkats (Vibes/Marimbas) and more. This is what we call MusicTech Teens® and our "TEENS" excel!


We run parallel courses for MAC & Droid products. The most popular app is "GarageBand" (it has evolved immensely since its birth) which is easily attainable on an iPhone or iPad/laptop and FL Studio Mobil. Your device should have AT LEAST 32 GB of memory or more.  (An "Apple" is a "Fruit" and GrarageBand started with great recorded "loops" of acoustic sounds. Many of the world's greatest musical "bands" were formed by people who's housemates ordered them to go play in the "garage"! Droids simply "copied" the concept with "Fruity" Loops of sounds.) An electronic MIDI keyboard is helpful but not neccessary. (I have had the honor to meet Mr. Dave Smith several times who invented this code in 1981.) It is required if you are going to take private lessons in keyboard performnace. Here is the difference between styles.

Additional Apps
These are some of the other apps we may explore
MOOG Model D ROLI Roland ZenBeats EDM Maker
MOOG 15 RealGuitar Tonally Synth One
MOOG Animoog FingerDrums Umtimate DJ Machine
AutoTune Melodyne AutoRap Splice
Droid Apps
Walk Band Music Maker Jam Soundtrap Caustic 3
Audio Evolution Mobile RemixLive Stagelight n-Track Studio Music DAW
MusicStudio Light SongMaker MusicMaker Jam Beat Groove Mixer
ORG 2020 BandLab Reason FL Studio
This is SkyRoom Studio (in 2014) when Professor Musial applied for the Unied States Trademark® You can do much of this now on an iPad

Professor David Musial is an Award-Winning  • Music & Video Creator and Producer.

Professor Musial was presented a unique,
prestigious full private sponsorship to the finest conservatory
The Juilliard School of Music
and a full Teaching Fellowship in Music Technology at
New York University for his 4 years of Graduate studies!
He earned other degrees in
Music, Video & Film Production and Electrical Technologies.
Musial is an award-winning expert in production and education
with a TON of PATIENCE, so say the parents! 

Free Informational 1/2 Hour lunchtime SEMINARS
One Hour Interactive WEBINARS

Keyboards (Piano/Organ/Synth), Song Writing, Singing & Music Video Production
1/2 Hour, 1 Hour & 2 Hour
1/2 to an Hour expected practice time at least 5 times a week after the lesson

Drums, Bass, Keys, Guitars plus one or all sing

Music Appreciation, Song Writing, Singing and Music Video Production

1 & 2-Hour Monthly Work Shops
1 to 2 Hours expected creation time at least 5 times a week after the lesson

So... how does this work? It's fun and easy!
We meet twice a week for 2 hours at a time for one month, with all 4 students on the screen with the teacher, who has multiple cameras in use so it is almost like bering there in person! The student needs to be in a relatively QUIET living room so a parent can enjoy the session, but the student "VIRTUAL BANDMATES" do the talking to each other. Since we will share the Music Session in a "cloud account" the Virtual Bandmates will collaborate together after the class and "jam"! Parents, you will be saying "MY TEEN's ADDICTED TO MAKING MUSIC! Sorry :-)
Sometinmes the parent also learns like Timmy Cudmore the "King FishMan" who now has published over 1,700 songs on SoundCloud all because he watched me teach his son Brady to do this OnLine from way up in Prince Edward Island, Canada!
Your teen learns the basic about singing, songwriting, and the basic styles of music, plus they get a unique introduction to the technology that is already in their hands (iPhones, iPads, etc). We form a "VIRTUAL BAND" Online, and the teens share a Music Session "in-the-cloud", and then make a music video with their smartphone camera and iMovie in a fun way! Prof. Musial has received a multitude of positive comments about his teaching style, but the most unique is his ability to exercise extreme PATIENCE. Let’s face it, the more brilliant a young mind is, the more it needs to be occupied. Music & Video can help channel these energies and David has developed a very powerful method, to help the teen direct this energy in creative arts. Our Videos are like our "RECITALS"! Look at the videos on the sites! See the "outcomes".

The "VIRTUAL BAND" acts like a real 4-piece "group" with at least one singer, maybe more? (We all sing a little!) The APPS have great "loops" of pre-recorded real instruments, AND we can play in sounds as well. So each "BAND" will obviously be different, but in general, we will assign an instrument category for the song between the 4 members in our OnLine Course. One teen will be the "Drummer" one the "Bassist" one "Keyboardist" and another the "Guitarist".

We then discuss things we all have in common to help us write song lyrics. He also teaches or "refreshes their minds" about the differences between the basic music classifications like Pop, Jazz, Rock, Country, Urban (the differences between Rap, RnB & HipHop), Dance/EDM, Ethnic, Classical, etc. We provide a "reference" page where the teen can quickly check out samples on Spotify which helps to understand the discussions. We learn about the basics of room acoustics and how to make a "vocal" or "isolation" booth in your home with blankets, pillows, or even a clothing closet! Once the instrumental "track" or "beat" is made, we do some vocal scales & warm-ups and learn how to easily record thew vocal in segments. He teaches us to do a "mix" (he will do the final "mastering"), and then we start the music video. We create a concept, use props in our home, film in our back yards or on the public sidewalk in front of your home, and then we learn how to edit to the beat, and "presto" a Music Video is made and we premier it on the NextGen Stars® YouTube Channel! Prof. Musial's been doing this for over 25 years, long befor "Idol" was born! LOL

Oh, this is not your “ordinary” kids group music lesson!

On Jun. 25, 2019 this is now an Official REGISTERED United States Trademark #87234740

Our latest feature:
Mermaid Mysteries Movie
Samples of some "Outcomes" by Prof. Musial

A 7-Year-Old Plays, Sings in Church, Makes Music Video
We tested this approach on a 6 & 1/2-year-old child and by the tender age of 7 (when Prof. Musial our founder started private lessons) the first song and music video were made, AND the child played the piano and sang in the church the family attends. We taught a 4 & 1/2-year-old child who could already read basic English, to write a song and then sing and record it AND a music video! The child went on to be approved to sing in a Sports Arena and the biggest parade in-the-world for a festival in his heritage. Now at 11, the child is training to also become a "YouTuber".

An 11-Year-Old walks into the studio for his piano part of his lesson and sees 3 inches of fresh "snow " on a tree on the rooftop terrace and he immediately screams... "I Wanna Play In The Snow"! Well quickly on the piano we put that proclamation into a melody, he "popped" the vocal booth and then mom and I flew down 35 floors in the elevator, jumped into the snow and filmed a music video before it melted!

After winning the "Instructor-of-the-Year" award four times in the New York University Music Technology program, the United States Department of Education came to me and asked if I would write a theme song for a new anti-bullying campaign for high school students… It’s titled it "Fight For Your Rights: TAKE A STAND Against Violence!" Musial composed an R&B style song called “Take A Stand“ and learned that MTV was getting involved. Their demographic was 12 to 35-year-olds. He just got four young black men ages 18 to 20 signed a production to SOJNY, he had a 35-year-old tenor who was selected to later sing at Frank Sinatra‘s memorial service, but he also had a 12-year-old student who joined. The campaign wins in an Emmy award for MTV… The 12-year-old later made a music video with his younger sister and performed it in many stages around the nation including in Disney! When the student turned 18 he won first place on a contest on MTV!

The same student and his sister were invited to perform on an ABC affiliate another one of our songs “skate dance“. Wow they were in the live audience area I was approached by a beautiful lady wearing a red business suit and asked if the children by chance had any songs about “drug abuse”? (She was holding a brochure with their slogan facing me with the title “WE ARE DRUG-FREE!” I said no and she said that’s too bad because she’s running an anti-drug education rally for 18,0000 middle school students in a few months and they could use some entertainers their age. In front of everyone I quickly said no problem we could write you a song with that title and she was shocked. This song went onto a #1 for A Partnership For A Drug-Free New Jersey in Hudson County and then became #1 in America! Later on, we performed these songs at the international convention for D.A.R.E. In Disney. In 2010 the United States Department Of Justice presented atb the Drug Enforcement Administration Natioanl Headquarters, me this rare award for "PROMOTING POSITIVE MESSAGES THOUGH MUSIC" with many of the performers who promoted it as teens.

Four of our students were approved to submit video demonstrations of their singing ability to be on the list of young stars to perform at halftime for basketball games in Madison Square Garden! The agent who gave this opportunity contacted me and said hey, you should have the ROSADO‘s contact the producer of the National Puerto Rican day parade, it’s the biggest in America. I did and I taught them to write a song “Proud To Be" Puerto Rican and American. They went on to perform it at a variety of festival stages and parades for over 2 million people since 2018!

A 10-year-old boy walked into the studio with his dad who used to work for the country of Poland at the United Nations, and with his iPhone 8 in his hand, he proclaims Professor David I finish my EDM techno homework! I was shocked because I just finished reading the lyrics for a song about his heritage called what the heck is Dyngus day… Instead of making get traditional poker… This gave me the idea to put it into a genre to the kids his age love and to educate the kids his age and more about the festival… The boy and three of his friends ended up being in the biggest parade in the world for the festival with this song!

One day a student came in for his lesson was all excited because as an intense football fan, the Super Bowl was coming up and he was concerned that it might “suck“ this year LOL! This gave me the idea to write a comedy song with an intentional "negative" title to get attention! I then thought that most of my other students prefer soccer, so the student and I crafted the lyrics to a chant, and then verse 1 would be all about football, verse 2 wpi;d be about the TV commercials that are in the game, and verse 3 would be about the halftime music show. In the bridge we say hey that "trophy" should go to everyone, not just the football playes. At the very end, we see him in front of the Statue of Liberty tossing the football down to bounce to the statue's "open arms" as he says “See America the Super Bowl Doesn’t Suck!” We filmed it and 15° frigid weather in an alley in Hoboken where Frank Sinatra use to "hang out", and at the football field near the Statue of Liberty, and in front of the stadium where the New York Super Bowl was held a few years prior. We launched it five minutes before the game started not knowing obviously how it might end up… and very ironically most people said that this particular Super Bowl game did… Suck! Such fun!

A 12-Year-Old says "Prof. David did you know that CHESS is a Violent game? Shocked as his mom LAUGHED and I bit my tounge, becasue the student is really bright. I quesstioned: Why whpudl you say this?" He says" I must protect My Castle from teh EVIL KNIGHTS, I must protect MY KING. IT's MY CASTLE". Four more MusicTech Kids & Teens were invited who also played chess and the parenst quickly orderd "Knights-In-Shinny-Armor costumes. We were joied by our dear friend the "Bubble Queen". We then shot a music video in the huge Castle in Central Park NYC and on a life-size chess boasrd by the Statue Of Liberty! When the student who asked the question was "attacked"

What is that I wondered? I wrote a song with two little girls who were part Indian and then 10 little Indian children join me on stage with the World Trade Center & thr Statue of Liberty in the background to introduce it to the world!

One day a student who is half Irish and half Chinese walked in for his lesson and I asked him “what is the most famous thing from your father’s heritage country of Ireland” (I expected leprechauns or four-leaf clover’s of course!) The boy shouts out “potatoes“! I was stunned but then again he’s really brilliant and knows a lot about the history of all kinds of countries, he has never been to London but knows the names of all the subway stops I just 11 years old! So I then asked him what’s the most famous song from the country of Ireland… And he did not know… So I asked him to ask his mother if he could use her phone to “Google it” and he did… “When my Irish eyes are smiling” I then said since you’re going to rush out to McDonald’s right after our lesson for your favorite food french fries… What nationality is the restaurant… He did not know… I said it sounds like it’s Irish to me, so don’t you think they should call those things Irish fries… He laughed and laughed and laughed and so we totaled the song “my Irish fries are smiling”. The boy premiered it on a massive stage for the Jersey City Irish Festival with the World Trade Center complex as the backdrop and then he was selected to be on the number one main floor with the president of the Jersey City Irish festival for the St. Patrick’s Day parade!

Around 1993 in the very early days of MusicTech Kids®, I went home to the Buffalo New York area to visit family. It was Thanksgiving time. The Friday after Thanksgiving I decided to do something with my five nieces and nephews who are between the ages of let’s say five and 13 years old, so I took him to a roller rink they used to hang out in near the Orchard Park football stadium when I was a teenager. They always had the best music playing! It would mostly be dance music they got the girls on the floor and heavy metal guitar solos got the boys on the floor! I was shocked because when I enter the rink there was no one skating on the floor, they added a new section with standup old-fashioned video games and all the kids on rollerskates were playing… Video games! Suddenly the DJ start at the song “who you gonna call… Ghostbusters”, and swish… Hundreds of kids came rushing to the skate floor and I couldn’t wait to hear that car and they would respond “Ghostbusters”! The next song came on, apparently they did not like it and they went back to play video games! I thought wow, that was cool! And then another song came on Ice Ice Baby”.. and once again a huge swish in hundreds of kids packed the skate floor to shout out “Ice Ice baby“ and then the next song came on and once again they left!

I thought “ hmm, the power of music”!

Then I noticed an older man walked by who looked familiar, and he happened to be “Gene” the owner of the roller rink who is there 18 years ago when I used to hang out there… I pulled him aside and thank him for the good memories. I then thought to myself maybe someday I’ll write a song about him and give it to me as a gift… Also knowing I probably would never have the time.

The next day on my way back home to New York City I got off the airplane and onto a subway… And all of a sudden the train stopped underground. It broke. So bored, and kind of trapped, I searched my pockets and found a napkin in a pen and that’s where I decided to write a song about "Gene "called “get on the floor and skate now“! Once they fixed the train and I got home I went into my studio and I made an instrumental track and I sang it as a demonstrational song. The next day I had a teen from the area come in and sing it. A few months later I returned at Christmas time and I gave it to Gene at the roller rink. He was confused and I said have your DJ play it… And he did… And nothing happened because the kids never heard it… OK I thought, I did a good deed! Two months later he returned to celebrate my dad’s birthday and I passed the roller rink by and it was packed… I did a U-turn and pulled into the Rink and there is Gene at the front door and he proclaims “Dave check this out”. DJ plays “skate now“ and swish hundreds of kids came to the floor and I couldn’t wait to shout out what you gonna do? “ call rollerskating”, where? “ at Orchard Park”! Wow, the song became a hit at this roller rink! I came back a month later with the singer from New York City area and the kids went nuts over this song and I suddenly realize there’s a need for music for roller skating rinks!

I wrote a second song “Skate Dance” and had a brother and sister kid act record it and it’s been performed all over the nation. This song inspired the making of SKATE DANCE RECORDS, and now we have about 30 songs in our catalog.

A vivacious brilliant four-year-old who could already read English crafted this song with me and then made the music video too! It's on our fun & scary album: Trick Or Treat Songs

A seven-year-old boy was wondering what he should be this year for Halloween? So of course because he chose to be a policeman… We went by the nearby police station and filmed it in the public streets and found a lot of haunted houses nearby! It's on our fun & scary album: Trick Or Treat Songs

To dynamic for an eight-year-old sisters show their love for Christmas trees a crafting this song and then we took them to rocker feller center or new York city where there are millions of Christmas tree lights and this is where we made the magical music video!

I have known this little girl since birth and have given hwer many lessons and she truly is a "SPUNKY PUMPKIN"! I composed this song with her for the 5th birthday. It's on our fun & scary album: Trick Or Treat Songs

Remember the fun fad or "sensation"? Well about 10 or our kids made a song a short video... have fun spinning!

In 2008 my friend Steve Clark suggested that I use the instrumental recording that he made and put new words to it for the 25th anniversary of the legendary late, great Dr. Martin Luther King Junior. A group of MusicTech Teens made a new version of it in a new style and a music video. In 2020 A Black Broadway star, Who also performs solo in Carnegie Hall and has performed for The President years ago… I asked me to film her 5-year-old daughter (the “Spunky Pumpkin” girl) Writing quotes on the sidewalk with chalk-like “Black Lives Matter” & “No Justice No Peace”. This song was used throughout his very powerful artistic statement: NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!


Visit the "Testimonials" to see our outcomes!


Prof. David Musial is a master at Music Technology winning “Instructor-Of-The-Year” at New York University & a high award at Best Colleges for the Music Technology program he created at Stevens Institute of Technology. He also inspired the “Student Division” for the “Bob Moog Foundation” THE Music Technology Legend! He is also a master in conducting Choirs. One song with a children’s chorus section “Spread Peace All Over The World”, was used by the United Nations for the 50th Anniversary. He has been a professional church musician since the age of 10! He was hired to play the king of instruments, the PIPE ORGAN and to accompany a choir of about 20 singers at a church in Buffalo. He has gone on to conduct a multitude of choirs, many where with children… especially at Christmas time with songs like “The Drummer Boy” & “O Christmas Tree”.

Most of Professor Musial's college "kids" when asked the question "Where do your see your self after graduation?" answer; I wanna make MSUIC for VIDEO GAMES!  When one student entered SkyRoom Student at age 6, he asked Professor Musial if he could play the song "Minecraft"? Musial knows many, many songs but never heard of this song. His mom interrupted the session and apologized and said that the boy was obsessed with this video game and thought he was in Video Game Paradise with all of the "Computer Screens" in SkyRoom! So David thought "Hmm, how on Earth am I going to get this excited, rambunctious child to ever learn to play boring scales, which are so vitally important?  Presto, Musial instantly wrote a song with him titled "Zombie Dance" and used 3 scales and words inspired by the boy’s visual explanation of his dream to be inside a video game. This instantly captivated the boy’s attention. Musial proceeded to record the song with loops of sounds the boy selected (he thinks he making MUSIC for a VIDEO GAME). He then taught the boy to sing it into a top quality Mic and they make a pop-dance song! Musial then filmed and edited a music video starring the boy at just age 6! The bow now had already played the grand piano and the pipe organ and sang in POLISH in his church 4 times at just age 7. He can't wait to practice and asks every Sunday at church if he can play more! Now he has become a live stage performer, all because of the unique, Award-Winning "MusicTech Kids™" approach to teaching children the art of Music!


Music Technology was introduced to David when he was just 7 years old and he has been a professional church musician since the age of 10! His father Alfred Arthur "ART" Musial was born with a musical gift to be able to "play by ear" where he could hear something and start to play it on a keyboard. He also had an eye for the camera and would often make home movies on super 8mm film, and eventually on VHS video. His dad also was a natural carpenter, electrician, and auto mechanic. David learned the "the apple does not fall far from the tree!" David was surprisingly hired to play the king of instruments, the PIPE ORGAN, and to accompany a choir of about 20 singers at a church in Buffalo at the tender age of 10. David Musial was a child prodigy and simply, innocently could not understand why none of the other kids were doing this, but politely did not publicly question it. David has gone on to conduct a multitude of choirs, many for children… especially at Christmas time with songs like “The Drummer Boy” & “O Christmas Tree”. David has since worked on or produced over 1,000 songssongs with Music Technology tools, worked on over 400 TV show episodes including many cartoons, video games and film scores!

He worked his way through the early days of college teaching children how to read music and play the piano and organ. He then won scholarships to the prestigious Juilliard School of Music Conservatory where he studied Orchestration, Electronic Music, and the Psychology of Music, Musial earned "Instructor-Of-The-Year" 4 times at New York University by the undergraduate student government. Professor Musial's Music Technology work on the "Anti-Bullying" venture created by the United States Department of Education won an Emmy Award for MTV! A 12-year-old boy was one of the singers. Many of his students get hired to act and sing in cartoons he also works on, how cool? Many eventually perform at D.A.R.E. Drug Awareness Graduations for 10-year-old kids, we even performed at the International Convention!

Prof. Musial has taught hundreds of children, and some have grown up to perform in Disney, in Sports Arenas, on Broadway, and even in the “Hall of Heroes” in the Pentagon, imagine that? David uses Music Technology instruments live and via “tape” to make the sounds of realistic orchestras. This has worked so well that he was featured in the New York Times, Business Week, and also Modern Liturgy magazines!

His "Smart Trax®" educational media company won a unique, prestigious award for "PROMOTING POSITIVE MESSAGES THROUGH MUSIC" to the youth of our nation by the United States Department of Justice. He went on to design the Bachelor's Degree in Music Technology Stevens Institute of Technology and his curriculum won second place in the nation as the “Most Innovative Changing The Industry”! He has taught hundreds of children, and some have grown up to perform in Disney, in Sports Arenas, on Broadway, and even in the “Hall of Heroes” in the Pentagon, imagine that? David uses Music Technology instruments live and via “tape” to make the sounds of realistic orchestras. This has worked so well that he was featured in the New York Times, Business Week, and also Modern Liturgy magazines! One song with a children’s chorus section “Spread Peace All Over The World”, was used by the United Nations for the 50th Anniversary. He then won the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame Award! Now Prof. Musial is directing his own school of Music Technology at the amazing SkyRoom Studio perched high in a Penthouse Suite in Newport/Jersey City, as a private consultant and this is the “Kids” division!

Prof. Musial is in discussions with book publishers for his new Paper/eBook & cartoon series called “MusicTech Kids®”.

More details here and course details soon. See what his students say!

"MAX" ther Mascot named after Musial's Computer Music Code Mentor Dr. "Max" Mathews, because Prof. Musial conducted electronic music research at NYU from 1990-1992 in a very early version of "Max/MSP. Prof. Musial went on to teach a student how to use this app at Stevens Institute of Technology and then supervised a summer research grant display of the work at the Statue of Liberty Science Center.
The mascot image was re-designed below to be more "friendly" under comission by Brady® Cudmore

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